What we do

Most companies and non -profit organizations spend more than fifty percent of their income procuring goods and services. These supplies range from raw materials and other goods for production – supply management - to office supplies, telecommunications and other services.

Pinguin Management Consultants helps organizations reduce their total procurement related cost, in various ways. In some cases by changing the procurement strategy, the procurement organization and the processes involved. In other cases by securing a more effective and efficient way of sourcing.

Our goal is to make a contribution to the bottom line. We assist in improving the purchasing function, the purchasing results and monitoring of the suppliers.


Depending on your needs and your situation, we offer solutions according to your request:
   Pinguin Procurement Kick-St@rt: a quick scan of your procurement situation: strategy, processes, systems and sourcing.
   Reorientation of the procurement strategy and aligning it with the overall strategy of the company.
   Streamline the purchasing strategy, organization, systems and processes.
   Analysis of your expenditures and saving opportunities.
   We optimize your sourcing. For direct and indirect goods and services.

   Optimize and monitor your supplier relationships and performance.
   European Tenders for government related agencies.
   Capital expenditure projects.
   E-sourcing, E-auctions and E-procurement .