Pingu´n kick-st@rT
Pinguin Management Consultants has developed a number of tools to scan your business processes in a short period of time. We take this as a starting point on the road to growth and improvement of your results. The Pinguin Kick-St@rt tools have been designed for the following areas:
    Business plan/yearly plan
    Marketing and Sales
You choose the functional area that you would like to have scanned. You expect there are opportunities for improvement. Together with you, we design a short project. This consists of a planning of a number of interviews and the listing of existing available material. Each tool is focused on four areas of attention and has been worked out in more detail:

The result of the application of a Kick-St@rt tool by us consists of two parts:
    Presentation of the results (recommendations and strong and weak points)
    Process mapping
The benefit of the approach is in the combination of the two. The two parts quickly give you an insight in the opportunities to improve your processes. From here we can take the next steps.
If you are interested in a Pingu´n Kick-St@rt, Please click here