what we do

Pinguïn Management Consultants is a management consultancy firm. We specialize in the areas Procurement, Change Management and Process Management. Our focus is on realizing structural improvements in the results of our customers - profit en non-profit organizations. We consult, implement and find you the right purchassing people.

Our services

We are specialized in the areas of:
   Procurement : Consultancy
   Process Management and pinguïn Kick-St@rt
   Change Management
   Procurement : Search and Selection
   Procurement : Interim Management

We offer you quality, broad management experience, an extended international network and excellent service. Pingu´n Management Consultants fee structures are flexible, and very reasonable by industry standards.

Pengu´ns live in groups. However, a small number of Pingu´ns take the initiative to get ahead. They are the first to take the jump to the next floe. This is the role we would like to perform for our clients.

A Joint Effort
In a joint effort, Pingu´n Management Consultants and the client come to practical solutions. We are a small consultancy that cares about her clients. We are dedicated and professional. Integrity and an open relationship to our clients are important to us.

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